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We are Farragut AYSO Region 128

AYSO Philosophy

Everyone Plays
 - At least half of every game

Open Registration
 - No tryouts, no cuts

Balanced Teams
 - No stacked teams

Positive Coaching
 - Building confidence

Good Sportsmanship
 - Winning and losing gracefully

About Farragut AYSO Region 128 - Registration Info

  • Farragut AYSO is a recreational soccer league.  Teams are balanced a the the beginning of each season and every player plays at least 1/2 of every game. Coaches, Referees and Board Members are volunteers - they get no compensation of their time.  Volunteers are a BIG part of Farragut AYSO and without the volunteers, the league would not run.  Training is available for anyone wanting to coach, referee or just learn more about soccer.
  • Farragut AYSO plays games at their fields in front of the Pellissippi College just off Hardin Valley Rd and Pellissippi Parkway.  Inter-regional games are also scheduled for older players in the U10 through U19 divisions.  These games are usually within 1 hour of Knoxville.
  • Farragut AYSO practices in the Farragut area at Anchor Park, Concord Park, Watt Road and also at the Pellissippi Soccer fields.  All divisions (except the youngest division - U6) practices twice a week and plays games on Saturdays.  The youngest division practices once a week and has a "game"/practice on Saturday mornings.
  • Registration forms are typically available at the registration location or at Soccer USA in Farragut (next to Kohl's) beforehand.
  • To register for AYSO, your child must be at least 4 1/2 years old by March 1 of the current year to play Spring Soccer.
  • The cost per season is $60 for one child, $100 for two children from the same family and $120 for three children from same family.
  • Uniform/Jerseys are typically on sale at registration for $16.50 each.  Other necessary clothing is available at local stores in or near Farragut.
  • There is a possibility of a late registration after the teams are divided just prior to the first games.  There will be an additional fee of $25 per child registered at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Registration:
We've compiled a list of common questions we hear from parents each year on the Parents page.  As we receive others, we'll add them to the list so that everyone gets the same answer.  We post answers to every question although we may combine and generalize questions if they result in the same response.  Here's the most recent list with links...

  • How will my child be placed on a team? Answer: See Teams

  • Can my child play for Coach <insert name> ? Answer: See Teams

  • My child is ## years old.  What age group will he/she play in? Answer: See Teams

  • My child is under 5 years old. Can he/she play this season?  Answer: See Teams

  • Can my child "play up" in an age bracket other than his/hers because <insert any reason here>?  Answer: See Playing Up

  • Where/what field will my child's team practice?  Answer: See Practices

  • What time will my child's team have practice?  Answer: See Practices

  • Can I request a specific practice field or practice time for my child because <insert any reason here>?  Answer: See Practices

  • I'm new to AYSO soccer. How much will this cost me?  Answer: See Expenses & Gear

  • There is a chance we may be moving, and we do not know when (or if) it will happen. If I register the kids, is there any chance we could get a refund if we wind up moving out of the area?  Answer: See Withdrawing

Volunteer Registration

Each year, volunteers (returning or new) MUST submit a volunteer registration form. This is required by National AYSO. ANY volunteer (coach, referee, board member, team parent, tournament volunteer, etc.) has to complete this process.

There are 2 methods for submitting the form as listed below. You must present a photo id (driver’s license, passport or state id) when you turn in the form to the Region 128 Child Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA), Registrar or designated Board Member.

Registration using the e-AYSO website: (the most private and easiest method)
If you want to register as a volunteer or youth volunteer in the national e-AYSO database (click on the button below), it will make each year's registration process easier but you'll still need to print out the form and bring 3 copies to registration (1 for AYSO National, 1 for the region and 1 for you).

Login to eAYSO

Registration using a pen and paper:
If you'd rather not use the online e-AYSO system, you can still complete the volunteer paperwork at any of the activities listed above


For answers to other questions about being an AYSO volunteer,
please contact our Child/Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA)
Thanks for volunteering your time and talents to Region 128!

If you would like to volunteer with AYSO or help at registration,
please call or email:
Hotline:  675-AYSO or 675-2976
AYSO128 Volunteer Info




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